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TIFIC potential stock pick for 20/12/2022 Tuesday

TIFIC potential stock pick for 20/12/2022 Tuesday

TIF Investing Club (TIFIC) Potential Stock Pick for tomorrow 20th December 2022 (Tuesday):


These are the potential stocks to watch tomorrow.

I do a daily YouTube video to explain the "Purchase Rationale Videos" of a particular triggered stock by enumerating 15 reasons justifying a stock buy entry.

Watch my video on YouTube at The latest video will be posted by 4.00 pm on a working day.

Trading and investment are now a global financial activity with the advent of digital technology using advanced apps reaching to any International Stock Exchange of choice.

It is now possible to invest globally and employ a standard investment plan across a single platform using the same trading entry and exit strategy thereby improving winning probability.

Trend Indeed Friend shows you how to access 53 different countries' stock exchanges, filter potential stocks, grade those with good fundamentals and indicate 3 entry strategies with a confirming buyers' intact indicator for better winning prospects.

This is a digital copy in PDF format.


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